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Conquer The Web: A Crash Course In Social Media And Online arketing

In March, our good friends from Anthill Magazine will be hosting an event called Conquer the Web. It’s a one-day online marketing seminar workshop, being controlled by James Tuckerman. See beneath for MATES RATES promo code!

You may perceive the name on the grounds that, in 2009, James transformed a successful print-based business magazine into one of Australia’s Top 50 Business & Finance websites (according to Nielsen Online Ratings). He achieved this outcome in six months with a budget of less than $900. (That’s right… $900.) He is also extremely generous with his knowledge.

Here are three reasons why I’m getting the message out:

1. I need Magicdust customers to learn approaches to utilize innovation to free up their time and manufacture their business. At this occasion, the speakers will share web-based social networking and other cunning systems.

2. James presents to everything back to the essentials of business. Is it true that you are utilizing the internet promoting to pull in and sustain drives, make deals and diminish business costs?

3. Online marketing is currently a basic part of each business, yet most Australian organizations still fumble. Furthermore, on the grounds that this occasion is being facilitated by Anthill Magazine, you know it will be a great deal of fun!

Furthermore, on the off chance that you utilize the code MAGICDUST a ticket will just cost you $47, rather than $97 per ticket.

It’s an entire day occasion and certainly justified regardless of the time and cash. Trust you’ll make it.

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